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I've built a career as a storyteller.  The delivery method isn't all that important and sure there are a few different rules for SEO-friendly copy, posts to social, blogs, broadcast, out-of-home and whatever else is on the menu.


But it's still about the story.

If you're curious, make yourself comfortable and click around the neighborhood.  

Then, maybe I can get you something.  

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"When it comes to creative services, Dan’s not just in the major leagues, he is the MVP.  Hands down he’s the best copywriter and producer I’ve ever worked with.  Dan’s got the strategic smarts to understand the problem to be solved and then sets out to create a message that’s attention-grabbing and effective.  He’s got the gift of being able to incorporate the most unexpected moments in life into unforgettable messages that work.

Bonus benefit: Dan’s a great listener, easy to work with and is one of those conversations you’ll always look forward to."

Beverlee Branigan, former General Manager, Journal/Scripps/SummitMedia

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Tate McColly radio production, radio commercial production, web qudio, video production, marketing, consulting, advertising, website, development, voice talent, voicework, voice actor

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